Samuli Natri

Django - Fast Search With Elasticsearch

Tutorial on how to implement a search feature with Elasticsearch.
Video was uploaded Mar 2, 2018


2020.01.15 7:09:40

DocType isn't supported anymore plzz help

2020.03.01 13:22:41

Try Document instead of DocType

2019.11.22 6:41:56

Thank you for this detailed explanation. I was trying to implement faceted search and filters but I got stuck. Could you direct me to any book or online link which has faceted search example for django python using elasticsearch dsl

Harold A
2019.11.12 19:44:42

Thank you for sharing this much needed tool.

I have the following inconvenience, I have already performed all the indicated steps, but when I do the search, it does not show the suggestions as I write.

but if I type the title and give enter if it shows the results.

Samuli Natri
2019.11.13 10:56:57
@Harold A

Hey there. I didn't implement autocomplete in this tutorial. The suggestions you see are provided by the browser based on previous inputs.

Harold A
2019.11.14 4:16:15
@Samuli Natri

You could share the autocomplete you used in the tutorial, as the video shows thanks

Harold A
2019.11.14 4:13:41
@Samuli Natri

The video shows that when you write it is showing the suggestions.

When you say that the browser provides suggestions refers to what.

Or should I implement an additional autocomplete for the search to work?

Samuli Natri
2019.11.14 10:17:22
@Harold A

Yes, you need to implement the autocomplete feature separately. The suggestions that you see in the video are just previous inputs for the field, not an autocomplete feature.

Harold A
2019.11.14 17:11:11
@Samuli Natri

Ok, thank you very much, I will implement the autocomplete for my project.

Thank you.

Smith Jason
2019.10.03 17:13:23

Nice tutorial, BTW where can I get the whole source code?

Samuli Natri
2019.10.03 17:14:03
@Smith Jason

Thanks. I haven't shared the full source code. But I should start sharing those on my GitHub page.

Smith Jason
2019.10.03 17:14:35
@Samuli Natri

Aha, found ur github page. Thanks~ It really helps !

2019.06.11 10:20:35


Thanks for the tutorial.

I received this error message when trying to index the command by running "python search_index --rebuild": AttributeError: type object 'PostDocument' has no attribute 'Django'

Has anyone seen this before? Thank you!

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