Samuli Natri

Django - Fast Search With Elasticsearch

Tutorial on how to implement a search feature with Elasticsearch.
Video was uploaded Mar 2, 2018


2019.05.12 9:54:25

hi, it gives this error: RequestError(400, 'mapper_parsing_exception', 'Root mapping definition has unsupported parameters:

2019.06.04 18:40:53

You should do this - search_index --populate this will populate the indexer

Corey Vincent
2018.10.12 19:15:22

What about models with foreignkey or manyToMany fields?

Rodrigo Brasil
2018.09.18 12:07:13

Is this code in github?

2018.04.12 6:30:37

Can u just help me out get the base app

David Turner
2018.03.14 21:30:06

Thankyou for this. Helped me a lot with my understanding of using elasticsearch with Django

Samuli Natri
2018.03.15 14:58:18
@David Turner

You're welcome!

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